QuestionWhat car would you own if you couldn't for some theoretical reason own a Honda? Answer


F40 if money wasn’t an issue



There’s a STI S204 for sale on Ebay for $300,000. 

I didn’t know such a thing existed. 

How do you not know about the S204? Its only the secone raddest Subie after 22B


Again, the worse crash ive ever seen.

Masato Kawabata S15 Silvia vs Daigo Saito JZX90 D1GP

This crash helped motivate Kawabata’s teammate, Kuroi, win the finals in Fuji.

If that was the wotse crash youve ever seen you must not watch motorsports very often.


i wish germany won WW2, cuz even the japanese understand that GERMAN AUTOS are better than everything else

Is that why America wiped them out?

This is cute.


Dat Spoon Type R though.


dude i was at walmart for black friday and they had a bin of towels for $1.99 and when the dude cut open the bin everyone went fucking nuts and people were like throwing towels everywhere and omg
but there was this random dude who just charged into the crowd, threw his hands up, looked at the ceiling  and screamed “TOOOOOOWELSSSSSSSSSSS” and fucking dove half into the bin i almost started crying 

99 ES300 with Projectors

Someone buy me these? <3